Computers for Oakland Students!


Jason Tong is a teacher and artist who is passionate about inspiring our future generation. He continues to produce art and manage businesses in the Bay Area.

  • Earned Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from
    University of California, Santa Cruz


  • Recognized protein purification chemist, completed million dollar
    clinical trial projects with highest GMP standards


  • Wrote and published Maze Dreamers, nominated for the Purple Dragonfly award

  • Wrote, directed and produced Dreamed Vengeance, nominated for best dramatic film in the San Diego Black Film Festival

  • Taught Math, Science, English and History to elementary, middle, high and university level students in the Bay Area

Jason is teaching computer science at Roots International Academy in Oakland, CA.

His goal is to connect with students and help them create a positive impact in their communities.

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