Dragon's Vengeance

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You are the Chosen One

Lead an elite group of heroes as they begin a treacherous journey to stop an exiled genius from becoming a tyrant, ruling a world filled with monsters and magic!


Be a Hero. Save the World!

In a time when humanity was first discovering the secrets of magic, a genius sculptor named Natos was discriminated for his unusual ability to bring his works of art to life. Although Natos initially wished to use his powers for good, his community feared he was too powerful and drove him to exile.

Enraged, Natos dedicated himself to developing his powers and eventually unlocked the secrets to immortality. He hid in the shadows, secretly raising an army to wage war against humanity...

One century later, a brilliant young girl named Tayana emerges as a mighty challenger who joins a powerful organization dedicated to fighting crime.

Tayana and her mentor, Zuke begin their journey on a mission to bring down a crime syndicate. However, violence erupts throughout the land and they are caught off guard when Natos finally resurfaces to attack. It’s up to you and your small band of heroes to stop him before he conquers the world with his terrifying creations!

A young rising star with great potential.
A seasoned veteran who protects and serves the innocent.
An ambitious thief, infamous for her skill with poisons.
A skilled hunter renowned for his marksmanship.
A prestigious scholar that is learned in magic.
Experienced elder and Zuke's mentor. He is one of the rusted advisor to the Dragons.
A powerful mage who leads Dragon's Vengeance with wisdom and compassion.
A promising young rookie developing his skills with Malrazi.
Fellow Guardian and Zuke's comrade in arms. She watches over Pearce's training as he develops as a Dragon.
An honored hero and commander of the Templars.
A wise and holy priestess and leader of the Templars, a righteous organization that defends innocent people.
An experienced thief who specializes in reconnaissance and fighting with deadly claw weapons.
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Dragon's Vengeance - Official Game Download

Dragon's Vengeance - Official Game Download

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